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The Level Of Diversity In Your Investment

April 24, 2018

Investments are additional ways to earn cash. However, if you have just finished school, it would not be ideal to invest all your cash. Having a formal job while holding investments would be ideal if so. As time passes with the work experience you may have, you could invest full. According to the number of shares you purchase you may even get a seat in the Bod of the company.  

Whether you are an experienced shareholder or still a beginner, there is one common saying that is being said and followed by many in the share market industry. That is, you should never keep all your eggs in one basket. No matter how much you hold, it is important to maintain a diverse set of shares. If in case all your shares are maintained in one company and that company ends up bankrupt, you would be a terrible financial loss. Therefore, it is important to hold shares from different industries and companies, when one industry prospers while another does not, you will still get a chance to earn an income rather than not earning anything at all.  

Commercial property investment Hong Kong is an upcoming industry where organizations decide to buy commercial property for the mere purpose of selling it for a profit. They have the option of renting them out as well. This is a trendy business venture that would attract new businesses or existing businesses to expand their branches. Unlike renting out apartments for residential purposes, when renting out property and space for companies you can demand for a high rental. At present, with the incline of land, venture owners would prefer to rent out a space at a commercial neighborhood. Therefore, investing in such companies would for sure give you a positive increment for the resale value of your share.  

Another blossoming industry that you may find is the hospitality industry. Each country is unique for the festivals they have and the unique places of interest they possess. These are a few aspects that attract tourists and many countries have it. Therefore, if the country is doing well in terms of political, civil, economic terms there will be a sure increase in the industry of hospitality. At times such as these you may see that locals get attracted to the tourism industry and this is showcased by an increase in demand for hospitality jobs vacancies in Hong Kong, bookings for hotels and resorts etc.      

When deciding to invest you need to have an understanding on the type of company you want to hold shares with. The company should adhere to the standards set by the authorities and maintain complete transparency always. After the famous Enron scandal, if a company decides to list themselves, they will need to practice certain procedures within their organization, corporate governance guidelines, audit, hold Annual general meetings for its shareholders etc. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you invest in a company that follows all these practices.