Is Pre-Schooling Really Necessary?

October 25, 2017

Primary education has pretty much become a must to live in the modern society, and parents all over the world strive to ensure that their children can get through these first few years of schooling without issues. Sadly, not everyone is the same when it comes to learning abilities, and a few children may feel overwhelmed by the sudden amount of work they have to undertake once they get going to school on a daily basis.  

This sudden jump in difficulty can be cancelled out by preparing small children to attend school: this is why teachers recommend parents to send their children to a skills development centre or an educational institute such as a preschool in Hong Kong: doing so provides the following advantages which are just hard to ignore at this point: 

Helps Your Child Learn the Basics 
Whether it is a few simple letters or counting skills, pre-schooling lets your child learn some rudimentary skills that he or she can further develop in future. In short, pre-schooling provides a foundation of skills which can be further built upon as time passes. 

Promozes Social Interactions 
When pre-schooling your child will be assigned to a small classroom which he or she shared with other kids of the same age and their teachers? This provides the ideal environment for nurturing social skills which will become important later on to live in our society. In time, your child will learn how to work in a group, make friends and even manage how to get his or her thoughts conveyed to others. 

Stimulates Emotional Growth 
Small children have yet to experience a lot of things that this world has to offer. As a result of that, they are not fully accustomed to dealing with certain emotions and may be scared of some of them from the get-go. Pre-schooling addresses this issue as well: little by little, children will get to know how to deal with emotions like joy and anger, in the same way, paving the way for learning some “self-control”.  

Provides a Place to Play 
Childhood education centres aren’t just about academic work: play time is valued quite highly, and all children will be allowed to have several hours of non-stop English playgroup Hong Kong activities to suit them. Playing helps children develop basic teamwork and the concept of fair play. It also sparks some competitiveness and the ability to take on challenges.  

Engage in Decision Making 
Although not as common as other activities, pre-schooling also lets children make choices of their own in regards to certain things. Do they want to play first and do art activities later? Or is it better to start with mathematics?