Why It Is So Vital To Encourage Creativity In Children?

February 2, 2018

Most parents are usually concerned about their kids’ grades, all throughout their child’s school life. They think that the only essential skills that their kids need to succeed academically is speaking, writing, reading and maybe counting. Very few parents actually appreciate and encourage creative children with big, loud imaginations. But this is a big mistake. Creativity isn’t just when a child is good with their arts and crafts, creativity is also important for creative thinking. Creative thinkers are much better at problem solving because they will think in unusual ways. Another thing that parents think is that some kids are born creative and others are not. Studies show that this is definitely not the case and that everyone is born creative. But as we suppress it or rather, when we are made to suppress our creative thinking side, just like any skill that is not practiced for a long time, it is forgotten. So we must allow our children to let out their creative personalities from a very young age and nurture it as well, as this will help them greatly when they’re grown adults. Read below to know about many more benefits. 

It can help with physical development 

We may not realize this but many arts and crafts projects help children develop fine motor skills and learn control and coordination. For example, in painting classes for kids Hong Kong, your toddler is actually learning how to not only pick up a paintbrush from the table, they are also learning how to hold it. They then learn how to mix paint and apply a certain amount of pressure onto the paper for the colour to show up and to even paint within the lines. They are unconsciously even figuring out which hand is their dominant hand, if it’s their left hand or right hand. 

It can help with social development 

Taking your toddler to a toddler class Hong Kong and letting them interact, or rather, figure out how to interact with people their own age is highly beneficial in developing your child’s social skills. 

It can help with emotional development 

Allowing a child to be creative from an extremely young age will help him/her express their emotions well. Many kids use art and crafts, to express whatever they are feeling, whether that’s painting or even colouring with crayons. Sometimes the use of certain colours can instill different feelings in some of us, and the rest of us purposely use these colours in our own art work to express how we are feeling. We may use more black paint to create a darker vibe and red to express anger or even passion. These are all skills we figure out and learn at a young age and they only develop further as we get older.